Olga Bohomolets managed to gather a team of like-minded medical professionals, guided by the motto - "We are close and are always ready to come to your aid." She stands for comprehensive reforms of the health system in Ukraine and has clear vision of what should be done both for identifying the disease and for its prevention and avoidance. She actively supports projects aimed at introducing preventive medicine and high-quality on-line diagnostics. Olga Bohomolets convinced these measures - an important factor for improving the overall health of the nation and increasing life expectancy of Ukrainians. She constantly develops a fashion on healthy lifestyle through her social activities.

An Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetology led by Olga Bogomolets remains the leading medical institution in Ukraine on introduction modern treatment technologies.

Dr. Bogomolets Institute of Teledermatology is a pioneer and remains hors concours among those introduces screening diagnostics of neoplasm of the skin and its computer dermoscopy to public.

She also highly demanded as a teacher by domestic and foreign medical institutions. Olga Bohomolets annually attends international seminars and congresses, gives open lectures and master classes both for students and practitioners - dermatologists. She has 6 years of teaching experience.

Knowing how preventive medicine and on-line diagnosis should look like, she organized and coordinated an international program of the European Academy of Dermatology "Euromelanoma – Day of melanoma" in Ukraine (currently held five annual "Days of melanoma" with participation of 85 dermatologists).

In order to provide quality health care to vulnerable groups of people, she organized the All-Ukrainian charity health marathon in which more than 60,000 orphans were examined. As a part of the marathon, dermatologists’ trainings were organized in each oblast of Ukraine. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, Olga Bohomolets issues brochures, blogs in social networks, writes articles for specialized and socio - political editions, provides practical medical advices to prevent diseases and increase longevity of Ukrainians.